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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Role of New gTLDs, IDN gTLDs, City gTLDs and Brand gTLDs for Africa and the World in New MiLE
Martin Sutton
Martin Sutton
HSBC UK, Group Fraud Risk, HSBC and President of the Brand Registry Group

Role of New gTLDs, IDN gTLDs, City gTLDs and Brand gTLDs for Africa and the World in New MiLE.

 New gTLDs in their different forms like City gTLDs, IDN gTLDs, Generic gTLDs and Brand gTLDs represent the biggest change to the internet infrastructure since its birth decades ago. With them come great new opportunities and grave new risks to be considered when planning or reassessing your branding and Internet presence or activities locally or globally whether you plan to use them or not.

Are more than 1000 New gTLDs relevant to you? How? why? Which ones? What will the many new gTLDs like .Music .shop .ceo .app or .dubai or .istanbul or .london and many others change in your organisation's strategic planning and operations and to people’s daily lives locally and globally?

Should you care? Why?

What is the Value to me of a City gTLD i.e. .Berlin  .London .Abu Dhabi  .Dubai | .Hanover etc

will Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic New gTLDs change my life?

Case studies by new Registry operators and their unique business models.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

How to Protect Trade Marks and IP and Inspire Innovation in Africa in the New MiLE?

Trademark and Intellectual Property protection are very important components - to a company they are some of its most important corporate assets. More critically, Trademaks and IP are critical tools to protect creativity for innovation - without such protection, especially in emerging markets and new economies, innovation and entrepreneurship will suffer reaching any potential to help local creative stakeholders and their local communities.   

Such Protection in the new MiLE is vital in many regions of the world to promote IP and Trade Mark protection especially to inspire creativity of local entrepreneurs to ensure their creativity is also protected .Join to learn how to protect your IP and Trade mark and  learn about the knowledge path, the tools, the mechanism on how to be protected in an open market of to the  new multi-billion users coming from emerging market.


Seismic New Global Poli-Cyber Security & Privacy Threats in New MiLE - How Prepared Are You? Solutions for the New MiLE Presented.

The New Global Poli-Cyber Security & Privacy Threats in New MiLE - How Prepared Are You?  Solutions for the New MiLE Preseneted.  

New Cyber Security and Privacy threats and challenges are not only huge but will be daunting to most. The Snowden Revelations, the Heartbleed security crisis, the launch of New gTLDs, The ISIS phenomenon are testimonials that the ripples of the seismic change to the global internet has started. 

Cyber wars played for political motives by Governments and thru business enterprises, and the reality of the New Multilingual Internet Ecosystem with billions new users in new languages never seen on the net before all present exponential new cyber security and privacy critical risks and challenges that render current approaches ineffective in the New Multilingual Internet and Landscape Ecosystem.

If these risks are unaddressed diligently and proactively by Governments, Regulators, Business, NGOs and end users locally and globally, are they more likely to become their next and new victims?

Join this panel at and workshop and learn what these new risks are, how they will impact you, and learn what you can do to mitigate them from actual case studies presented by world renowned experts and panelists.

Critical subjects to address by panel, and elaborated on with case studies in workshop on Cyber Security at 15:30pm:

  1. Vulnerabilities in today's and tomorrow’s networks (intranet and internet)

  2. Encryption today Vs encryption needs of tomorrow

  3. How about quantum capabilities and how soon will today’s Encryption be useless?

  4. In light of NSA’s snooping, are we sure only china, Russia and the US will remain the only ones able to snoop?

  5. Will this morning's encryption standards be defeated by “this afternoon’s” computing technologies?

  6. How critical are privacy and secure communications as requirements in today's and tomorrow’s networks?

  7. Case Studies: Cost & Damage analysis for not being proactive and prepared on all of the above.