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Behavior Analytics For Growing E-commerce Companies

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Mo Hossain
Data Up, President

Mo Hossain is the founder of Data Up and an expert in Business Data Analytics, Customer Experience Management and Technology Strategy. Mo currently helps businesses around the world improve their online customer experience. He also acts as a Fractional Chief Technology Officer for CEO's that are looking to have a good grasp of their technology related to their business goals.

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What happened the last time you tried to buy something online? Did you have a fantastic experience on the vendor's website and felt they cared about your experience? Or was it like pulling teeth? Did you leave their site to find the product elsewhere or from competitors?

Broken checkouts, too many popups, to plain boring websites-- these are only some of the culprits that come to mind when prospects go away. Growing e-commerce and retail companies have a big challenge of making sure these issues don't come up for their customers.

Let's explore trends in behavior analytics and tools that can help our businesses stay on top of these causes of poor user experience.

You'll come out of this session with : 1. Trends in online behavior analytics 2. Tools to add into your tech stack 3. Ideas on improving user experience Session Category: