ProductCamp Austin 27 (PCA27) ProductCamp Austin 27 (PCA27)

Saturday, November 20, 2021

From Customer Discovery to Truth Discovery: How to Discover If Customers Will Buy and Use Your Product (Before Building Your Product)
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8-time ProductCamp Atlanta (and Austin!) award winner David Eckoff returns with a new session, to help you change how you think and change your results.

The mortality rate for new businesses and products is stunning. All begin with high expectations but most fail. In this session you'll learn a practical set of actions you can follow right now to dramatically improve your odds.

► Learn how to reduce new product risk – and the most important risk to focus on first ► Discover a powerful approach to testing your ideas that will get you moving incredibly fast ► Get ahead of the curve by knowing the 3 biggest tactical mistakes smart people make in customer discovery ► Learn simple but non-obvious hacks you'll love.

"When you change what you think, you change what you do. When you change what you do, you change your results." - David Eckoff