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Saturday, November 20, 2021

From Customer Discovery to Truth Discovery: How to Discover If Customers Will Buy and Use Your Product (Before Building Your Product)

8-time ProductCamp Atlanta (and Austin!) award winner David Eckoff returns with a new session, to help you change how you think and change your results.

The mortality rate for new businesses and products is stunning. All begin with high expectations but most fail. In this session you'll learn a practical set of actions you can follow right now to dramatically improve your odds.

► Learn how to reduce new product risk – and the most important risk to focus on first ► Discover a powerful approach to testing your ideas that will get you moving incredibly fast ► Get ahead of the curve by knowing the 3 biggest tactical mistakes smart people make in customer discovery ► Learn simple but non-obvious hacks you'll love.

"When you change what you think, you change what you do. When you change what you do, you change your results." - David Eckoff

Sinking the Titanic: If Only There Had Been a Product Leader on Board!
Kevin Smith
Just Add Product, Fractional CPO

We all know the Titanic story. But what if there had been effective product leadership? Could disaster have been averted? Could history have been changed?

We'll be leading an interactive discussion about how having strong and effective product leadership early on can help companies avoid common risks and accelerate their business. Product managers will gain insights and talking points for making decisions and influencing challenging internal discussions.

Foresight Sprint: A strategic structured gameplan to set your product team for success!

Foresight Sprint: A strategic and structured data driven game plan to future proof your product development roadmap. Based on feedback from Product Managers who are constantly seeking new ways to innovate, I have discovered a game changing product strategy by designing a framework through the lens of foresight, empowering your team to pivot to future scenarios while validating through data driven decisions.

We will walk through various playbooks that you can take back to your team and set your product team for success and discover new opportunities to optimize for growth and market share.

How Teams and Leaders Can Unleash the Power of Agile
Tom Evans
Tom Evans
280 Group, Principal Consultant

According to the Agile Alliance, "Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment."

But business leaders set rules and processes that inhibit a company's ability to adapt to change. Agile practices help teams deliver better products more effectively, but there's often a mishmash of practices at play. What's more, teams are seldom aligned about what they mean when they use the word "Agile."

There is tremendous value to be gained from being truly Agile. During our session, Ron and Tom will explore what being truly "Agile" looks like, for your product development as well as your business teams. They'll cover what's in it for products, customers, and your organization as a whole, and what we as leaders can do to achieve the best outcomes from our teams.

Neurodiversity and the World of Work - How to Thrive with your Unique Brain

This session will introduce the topic of Neurodiversity and how we, as folks in tech, can become aware of how our brains impact the work we do, drive our interests and passions, and ultimately determine how successful we can become because or even in spite of our remarkable brains. As a Product Manager with ADHD, I know the struggles that come along with my idiosyncratic brain, which have become even more pronounced during the pandemic and working from home. I hope through this discussion, we can take a mindful approach to look inwardly at what makes each of us tick and share funny stories, tips and tricks, and offer a community of support. No scientific jargon, no judgment, no shame. Just rad folks with rad brains coming together!