Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Napkin to Reality
Caleb Scott
Caleb Scott
PrintNet3D, Founder and CEO
Dale Bracey
Dale Bracey
PrintNet3D, Chief Innovation Officer

Discuss and educate on what it takes to develop a product/business/organization from that of a simple sketch on the back of a napkin, to a working prototype, and beyond. Guests will participate in a rapid workflow brainstorming session for developing a fake product. 

Free Parking Notes                                                                                                 

SASW Participants have two options for free parking in downtown San Antonio:

231 W. Salinas St. (map) - Free parking is available in the lot as space is available. No parking validation is needed.

217 W. Travis St. (map) - Parking validation is required for free parking in this lot. Validation will be available at the SASW Startup Bodega in the Savoy Building at 132 E. Houston St.