Thursday, October 20, 2022

Healthcare Data Interoperability: Integration Strategy Workshop
Pryce Ancona
Pryce Ancona
Redox, Solutions Engineer

In our modern, application-driven world, many of the largest industries have adopted seamless methods of integration. New technologies or software innovations are usually just an API away from unlocking valuable data for their users - whether it be about your bank account or your to-go dinner order. However, the healthcare industry lags far behind. Strict regulations, anti-competitive incentives, and antiquated healthcare-niche communication standards create friction in the adoption of healthcare technology.

Whether you're a small startup founder, a major insurance company, a healthcare provider, or an electronic health record employee, it's likely that you would benefit from integration. After all - we're all patients! Join us for this informal presentation and integration workshop to discuss what healthcare interoperability looks like today and how you can stand on the shoulders of giants to make patients healthier.