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Advancing Health & Human Performance with Robotics AI

Kase Saylor
Southwest Research Institute, Manager
Hakima Ibaroudene
Southwest Research Institute, Program Manager
Matt Robinson
Southwest Research Institute

Southwest Research Institute is developing technologies that enable people and robots to work together via algorithms and hardware designed to improve human performance and health outcomes. This panel will discuss SwRI’s work in biomechanical analysis, digital diagnosis of major illnesses, and solutions that leverage collaborative robotics for safer work environments. Some of SwRI’s research entails collaboration with San Antonio-based universities, research institutions, military bases, and corporations. The growth of the robotics industry in San Antonio combined with the robust healthcare sector and local academic investments in data science mean there will be new opportunities for entrepreneurs to leverage institutional innovation. What does that mean for the San Antonio region and future companies that will be needed to integrate all the science into user-friendly applications for healthcare, sports, and manufacturing settings?