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Doing Good by Doing Business: Impact Entrepreneurship

Leslie Chasnoff
Notley, Marketing Director
Yousef Kassim
Easy Expunctions, CEO & Co-founder
Yoni Medhin
Grain4Grain, Founder and Steward
Meghan Cano
Housing Base, CEO of CHR Partners, Co-founder of Housing Base
Alex Bailey
Black Outside, Inc., Founder and Executive Director

A panel discussion exploring what impact entrepreneurship/building a social enterprise looks like. 

Featuring for-profit and non-profit founders focusing on different social impact areas, using different business models, all with impact at their core. Discussing revenue models, grants, fundraising, pitching, experiences and differentiating yourself as an impact founder. 

How does that help or hurt? How do you run an effective business model with impact at its core? How do you generate & measure ROI both financially and in your impact? Stories & anecdotes on challenges they've faced, and what they see happening in the future.