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VFA Lab: Ideating to Address the Digital Divide in San Antonio

Sarah Olivarez
Venture for America, Director

According to the most recent Census data, Bexar County has the lowest percentage of homes with broadband internet subscriptions at 84.2% among major Texas counties (mySA). The digital divide in San Antonio has existed since the invention of the internet, and, recently, in August 2022, the city started promoting the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to give eligible households internet access.

Given that the digital divide is still a prevalent issue in San Antonio, how would you continue to create human-centered solutions to ensure that 100% of San Antonians have access to the internet? 

This Digital Divide themed Ideation Session will facilitate small-group brainstorming using the Human-Centered Design framework to prioritize a deep understanding of the issue before thinking of solutions, ultimately leading to human-centered and impactful solutions.

Sponsored and facilitated by Venture for America in San Antonio. 

Venture for America is a two-year, nonprofit Fellowship program for early career professionals and recent college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs and work at a startup in cities like San Antonio.