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Your Advertising and Marketing Investment (The Cost of Quality Production and Campaigns)

Carlos Maestas
Key Ideas Inc, Founder and Chief Storysmith
Zahra Cruzan
Brand Arthur, Founder
Peter Frelik
BTYcreative, Director of Media & Production
Gabriel Garcia
Summit Creative Group, Founder

Founders, entrepreneurs and marketers struggle to stretch their limited production budgets because they must contend with a complex media ecosystem. 

This session will discuss the ins and outs of the production process and by knowing what drives the cost of producing your content assets, you are empowered to make better production decisions. 

This awareness also makes it easier for you to budget for all media and choose the appropriate agency and production partners according to the media channel necessary (production tiers). 

Ultimately, it is the partners you choose that are vital to your production efficiency, effectiveness, and ROI. Come learn to see how you can make the best decisions in hiring the “right” production agency in assisting your marketing and advertising campaigns.