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Accessing Capital in San Antonio

Dry Goods Building 107 N Flores

Sebastian Garzon
Alamo Angels, ED
Mariano Gonzalez
MGV Capital Group, Founder and General Partner
Justin McKenzie
Boerne Kendall County Angel Network, Executive Director & Founder

Boerne Kendall County Angel Network exists to highlight our region on a global stage. Our citizens are the region's greatest asset, impacting diverse Fortune 500 companies, creating the latest Biomed and healthcare solutions, and redefining agriculture in today's digital world. While creating an environment to create exciting and long-term employment solutions for future generations. 

Justin McKenzie is an energetic advocate of people, innovation and the customer voice. Experienced Vice President of Program Management with a demonstrated history of growth and successful scaling activities in SaaS, Technology and Manufacturing industries. Skilled in Agile, Net Promoter Systems, Sales, Community Engagement, User Experience and Business Development.

Charles Woodin
Geekdom, CEO

Where do I get access to capital in San Antonio? This is one of the most common questions within the entrepreneurial community in our city. Our ecosystem is growing, and so are the options you have when it comes to raising funds for your new venture! Meet some of the key players helping startups grow and succeed through investing.

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