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Bridging the Gap Between Marketing & Media in San Antonio

Dry Goods Building 107 N Flores

Cindy Vela
Startup Productions, Brand Ambassador
Christie Kaye
Koasis Media, Co-Founder/Dir. of Operations

I'm a design and story telling fanatic with a knack for operations and communications. I have produced digital products for clients such as: HEB, University Health Systems, 80|20 Foundation, City Year San Antonio, and many more.

I am the visionary and co-founder of Koasis Media, alongside my business partners - Noel Hernandez and Darren Abate.

Noel Hernandez
Koasis Media, Co-Founder/Dir. of Photo Production

At the core, I am a photographer. I started out like many shooting pictures of my cat Cheeto, and the occasional "weddings". I have now progressed into corporate photography, production sound, and video production. Through my career, I have worked with organizations, such as: Microsoft, Spectrum, HEB, Tech Bloc, Idea Public Schools, and many more.

I am the co-founder of Koasis Media, a media collective designed to support marketing, along with my partners Darren Abate and Christie Kaye.

Darren Abate
Koasis Media, Partner/Dir. of Video Production

I'm a career photojournalist and video production nerd. I've provided stills and video services for entities such as The Associated Press, Reuters, The Food Network, SyFy, NBC Universal, ESPN, TIME Magazine, the NBA, USL Championship League, and many more. 

I am a partner and director of video production and post production at Koasis Media, along with Christie Kaye and Noel Hernandez.

This session discusses the past, present, and future of media in San Antonio from experts and professionals in the field. This conversation aims to unpack some of the misconceptions and challenges in the media industry, including the do's and don'ts of building a creative career, the true relationship between marketing and media, and uncovering your value as a creative. By the end of the conversation, one should have a better understanding of why and how Koasis Media is directly addressing these business and cultural challenges through their media collective model and their ongoing creative training sessions.

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