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Get Ready to Play in the SmartSA Sandbox!

Dry Goods Building 107 N Flores

Brian Dillard
City of San Antonio, Chief Innovation Officer
Emily Royall
City of San Antonio, Smart City Coordinator

Advancing inclusive and ethical smart cities.

I work at the intersection of urban planning, data and technology to build inclusive futures for cities. As Smart City Coordinator for the City of San Antonio my job is to coordinate projects that use technology to deliver public services while keeping an eye on transparency, security, equity and accessibility for everyone.

As founder and CEO of Ouvert Digital Equity Studio, I also work to build community participation on themes of technology and culture through educational workshops, participatory art, and digital publications. I received a B.S. Neuroscience and B.A. Plan II Arts at the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters in City Design & Development from MIT DUSP.

Design. Make. Experiment. Play! In this panel, City of San Antonio Chief Innovation Officer Brian Dillard and his team discuss what SmartSA Sandbox is, the impact that access to smart city technology can have on community quality of life for everyone, and how SmartSA Partners are helping fuel this innovation.

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