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Leading to Win - Shifting Your Approach to Talent to Sustain Success

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Javier Guerra
TechHuman, Co-founder

Javier Guerra is a Team Strategist who partners with CxOs and Technology Leaders to help them intelligently scale team capabilities. 

After spending years working with multibillion-dollar technology organizations and having a hand in founding multiple startups, his passion for positive change led him to co-found TechHuman, a Technology Team Solutions Company. 

Javier knows what it takes for a team to reach peak performance—and it’s not the same old leadership methods and tactics you’re used to hearing. 

It starts with understanding, treating, and leading teams like they’re your most valuable asset.

Javier and his organization help venture-backed startups to Fortune 100 technology teams ScaleSmart™. In the process, they help leaders increase their TechTeamiQ™ as they leverage new team intelligence that enables them to discover, validate, and transform team data into powerful business information. His clients take advantage of their TechTeam10x™ solutions to accelerate team collaboration, increase performance, and have a better grip on how their best teams turn time into money.

In addition to his experience delivering Intelligent Team Solutions, Javier is a leadership coach.

He holds a degree in Biological Science and continues his studies in the field of Behavioral Neuroscience.

Dirk Elmendorf
Jobward, Founder & CEO
Greg Rodriguez
FreshBooks, SVP Global Sales
Bethany Reese
TechHuman, Co-Founder

Change is happening faster than ever. Employee and talent expectations are shifting at a rapid pace. The new reality -  teams have gone virtual, job seekers expect work from home capabilities, new college graduates are predicted to make 5 career changes as they navigate the workforce, and 80% of future jobs are not even created yet. In this discussion, our panel will share innovative approaches and actionable steps you can take to build high performance teams and sustain on-going business success.

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