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Live Recording: San Antonio Podcast Network | Searching for SA

Dry Goods Building 107 N Flores

Michelle Vallejo
Hustle + Socialize, Co-Founder

Michelle is an entrepreneur and organizational leader with ten years of experience building internal systems, leading teams, and creating strategic partnerships and also has seven years of experience in curriculum and program development and facilitation.

I am excited to find more opportunities to bridge my entrepreneurial expertise with my academic interests in sociology, community organizing, and strengthening civil liberties. 

Personal Bio:

Michelle was born into a family of entrepreneurs, and from the age of seven, she grew up at the family-run flea market on the border of South Texas. Growing up around so many spirited and creative folks, Michelle couldn't resist getting bit by the entrepreneurship bug.

Today, Michelle is co-owner of Pulga Los Portales (same family flea-market from 97') and co-founder of the South Texas women's entrepreneurship conference, Hustle + Socialize.

She is a Founding Board Member of New Leaders Council – South Texas Frontera, previously Co-Director and Communication Chair, and today serves as Co-Director and Finance Chair of the chapter.

Michelle studied political science and history at Columbia University in New York City from 2009-2012. Most recently, she has returned to Columbia to study economic sociology and to conduct independent research on the stratification of quality of life in South Texas.

When she's not at her desk or working with friends and loved ones, you can find Michelle diving deep into her next favorite subject or exploring different hobbies. She also loves cooking with friends and family, spending time with her farm animals, making time to stretch and work out, and exploring different neighborhoods around the world. 

Christina Jovanna Olivarez
Christina SBG, LLC | Hustle + Socialize, LLC, Founder + CEO | Co-founder

Hi, I’m Christina! I’m an award-winning social media strategist and TEDx Speaker. I’m the Founder & CEO of Christina SBG, LLC, a social media strategy company. I empower business leaders to harness the power of Instagram through VIP strategy days, consulting, and training to increase their impact online.

I've had the honor of training thousands of executive leaders nationwide through my signature training programs and have successfully led social media for one of the largest cultural festivals in the nation.

In addition to the work that I do with SBG, I co-founded a women's entrepreneurship conference & community called Hustle + Socialize. H+S brings together the most diverse women’s business community of South Texas and curates life-changing experiences.

Through the annual conference that takes place every June and summits and events, H+S empowers women to discover new ways to harness their unique strengths, elevate their skills, leverage their value, and better advocate for both themselves and their companies.

I serve on the board for New Leaders Council – San Antonio & a proud member of the Poderistas Power Squad.

When I’m not behind a laptop or working with clients, you can find me exploring San Antonio with my husband Pete! We love to travel, drink coffee at local coffee shops, go wine tasting, and be with our Tuxedo-cat, Maddy.
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Zachary Espericueta
San Antonio Podcast Network, Podcast Host

Amplifying the voices of San Antonio.


On this episode of Searching for San Antonio, we invite the founders of Hustle + Socialize back on the podcast to see what they’ve been up to since our original podcast recording in April of 2021. We get to learn about their recent annual conference as well as their 1-day “Build, Protect, Transfer” summit that was in collaboration with San Antonio Startup Week (SASW) 2021. Tune in to learn more about how Hustle + Socialize is Empowering women around San Antonio and South Texas to transform their mindsets and build their legacy.

Founded in 2018, Hustle + Socialize is a network built by and for ambitious women of South Texas. Through trainings, workshops, and their annual conference, H+S empowers women to discover new ways to harness their unique strengths, elevate their skills, leverage their value, and better advocate for both themselves and their companies.

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