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Redefining the "Social" in Social Media

Dry Goods Building 107 N Flores

Joel Harris
Curate, Co-founder

Co-founder of Curate with awesome wife Cayce. Previous founder of KIPP U-Prep HS and City Education Partners. Nuts about kids, families, and surfing. Strong to fairly strong dad joke game.

Cayce Harris
Curate, Co-Founder

Cayce is passionate about the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and human connectivity. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Curate, the Executive Director of ONE and a plein air artist. 

Bob Anglin
Arro Technologies, Chief Production Officer
Dax Moreno
Verity SA, Founder & Principal

Created by the launch of in 1997, social media is now nearly 25 years old and still proving to be a medium with the power to disrupt, innovate, and even (re)shape the lives of its users.  With its unbelievably rapid rise as an industry and profit center, the general public is still grappling with questions of privacy, security, and equity among these communication platforms.  

Join us as we feature two San Antonio startups in the social media space, Arro Social and Curate, as they showcase their respective services and discuss how they're tackling some of the biggest concerns people face with the most popular platforms! 


  • Bob Anglin of Arro Social
  • Cayce Harris of Curate
  • Joel Harris of Curate


  • Dax Moreno

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