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Rock. Blues. Funk. Shred. Sax.
The maximalist rock band achieves their bold, signature sound by weaving blues, funk and soul through songs, teetering on the edge of mainstream pop and rock. Bencoolen’s sound has dazzled crowds, and their determination continues to bring them to new venues. In fact, Bencoolen grabbed a hometown sell out show in Washington DC in September 2018. They have supported tours for Mihali of Twiddle, Marcus King, Spafford, Mungion, Atlas Road Crew, Mondo Cozmo, and Big Something, to name a few. They also have landed major festival slots at Firefly Music Festival in 2017 and at Musikfest in 2018.

The group welcomes their formal debut album, Daydream, this March. The record cycles through genres seamlessly, from pop to funk to rock, capturing the genre-bending spectacle now expected out of their live performance.