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Caitlin Rose

When Caitlin Rose’s debut Own Side Now arrived in 2010 it was met with widespread praise both stateside (“a talent who’s sure to be around for awhile ”- American Songwriter) and in the UK ("If Caitlin Rose is the future of country music… that future is in safe hands."- BBC). Rose’s 2013 follow-up The Stand In delivered on that promise while expanding her reach as a genre-bending singer and lyricist letting us cruise the dial of her ‘radio heart’ (“No One To Call”). At home in classic country melodies, as well as explorations of wider pop sensibilities, The Guardian described the album as "somewhere between country titan Tammy Wynette and the FM pop of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac ” noting it was "likely to lead to career lift-off ” while NPR observed "Rose knows that it takes a strong performer to sell the notion of vulnerability over the long haul.” While career lift-off sounds nebulous-but-fantastic her career is indeed built for the long haul which sometimes means waiting. So, after nearly six years, with an album primed for release in 2019 and a handful of upcoming tour dates, we’re sure to be tuning into wherever her radio heart leads us next.