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Faye Webster

Faye Webster isn't afraid to tell you how she feels. Rooted in a familial lineage of folk 21-year-old songwriter Webster's forthright exposed lyricism pays homage to the great Americana traditions of songwriting while drawing from Webster's own experiences immersed in Atlanta's hip-hop scene. Her carefully-cultivated sound organically mingles that inherited country and folk with her time immersed in rap collective Awful Records injecting the traditional with a clandestine jolt.

A decorated photographer as well as a musician Webster's artistic mediums don't intertwine instead running parallel to one another. The through-line is her exceptional knack for direction an assured confidence in her own point of view.

"Kingston " the first new song since her 2017's sophomore self-titled LP is quintessential Faye Webster. Awash in the haze of a humid Georgia summer all lovestruck and dewy "Kingston" glimmers with a hushed glitz: a mellowed punctuation of brass the twang of pedal-steel feather-light vocals unfurling like a sigh and slinking hues of R&B.

All Ages