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Louis Prince

Louis Prince is the moniker of artist Jake McMullen and serves as the new platform for his latest record Thirteen. For the past several years Jake McMullen gained a cult following in the folk genre gradually mixing the traditional and experimental into something all his own. Louis Prince is both the culmination of the experiment and the start of something brand new. Influenced by 50’s and 60’s Jazz French New Wave cinema and the stream-of-consciousness literary styles of Jack Kerouac and Joseph Conrad Thirteen feels more like a product of the Beat Generation mid- century Greenwich Village than of Music City. The Southern roots are there too in the neo-folk spirit of later Bob Dylan and the existential exploration of generational malaise in Robert Altman's film Nashville or Walker Percy’s Southern Gothic classic The Moviegoer. Pushing back against the modern convention of singles-based releases Louis Prince has crafted an album in the classic sense with a beginning middle end and a central theme. Exploring the human struggle with fear failure and the role of friendship Thirteen is the search for catharsis in the chaos and the pursuit of an elusive hope we glimpse in others when we find ourselves empty.