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Pinc Louds - VIP Set

The result of a two-year residency at NYC's Delancey St. subway station, Pinc Louds pair together jazz ballads with broken bottles, doo-wop harmonies with drunk phone calls, and punk ditties with public announcements. With her sweet and raspy voice, lead singer Claudi sings a coming-of-gender story, a search for soul, body, and a man called Manuel Hillario. She urges you to capture dreams, welcome werewolves, and let roaches in your hair, like you just don’t care.

Pinc Louds shows are known for being infectiously joyous and energetic with a sprinkling of dark theatricality. Influences range from Violent Femmes and Billie Holiday to Beach Boys and the Pixies.

Savannah Stopover VIP pass holders can catch an exclusive, intimate set with Pinc Louds at the beautiful Peregrin, Savannah, GA located on the roof of the Perry Lane Hotel.

It's open only to Savannah Stopover VIP pass holders. Grab yours while they're still available! Access to all Savannah Stopover shows is on a first come first-served basis based on venue capacity.