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Pip the Pansy

Club One (Over 21) 1 Jefferson St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

Pip the Pansy is the freshest Rainbow Pop artist to come out of Atlanta, GA. Pansy is unapologetically authentic and, in true renaissance form, the creative mind behind everything she does from her truthful lyrics & melodies to her self-produced artwork & videos to her colorful stage set ups. In late 2016 Pansy travelled to Matchbox Studios in Austin, TX where she worked with producer and artist David Butler of MISSIO to create her latest release, Royal Blue Daydream. It was with this release that she retired her previous stage name, "Wrenn", and bloomed into Pip the Pansy, a name that would best suit the playfulness & colorful personality of her music. From dreamy flute melodies to explosive synth hooks, Pansy proves she is more than your typical pop artist.
Pansy has shared the stage with artists like Hayley Kiyoko, The Shadowboxers and The Revivalists.