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The Artisanals

The Jinx (Over 21) 127 W Congress St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

Somewhere on a dusty road or a well traveled interstate, right at this very moment a rock n’ roll band is pounding the rock. They’re probably wearing the same clothes they had on yesterday and reminiscing about last night’s gig. Inspired by a guitar lick that cuts to the bone, or a melody that lingers on refrain, this band is following a path forged by countless other musicians who’ve lived and died in dive bars or ‘made it’ with their posters taped to bedroom walls. What makes this band of brothers any different? This band is The Artisanals.

Johnny Delaware grew up in a small South Dakota town surrounded by cornfields and dirt roads. In order to personally evolve and carry out his musical destiny, Delaware knew that the heartland wind would have to blow him around the country. Eventually Delaware would move to Charleston, SC and team up with guitarist Clay Houle and bassist Eric Mixon to form The Artisanals in late 2016. Now with drummer Nick Recio and keyboardist Ian Klin rounding out the group, The Artisanals have dropped their debut self-titled full length LP and are poised to pound the rock and take over the world.