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The Bright Light Social Hour

If someone were to write a comprehensive biography of this band they’d cite “Wendy Davis” as a harbinger of where the band was going. It might be the best (only?) example of politically-charged Texan Krautrock there ever was. “Wendy Davis” was released within 24 hours of the band spending all night at Senator Wendy Davis’s famous filibuster of Texas Senate Bill 5. Maybe most impressively it showed a rising young band from Texas no less unafraid to demonstrate their politics at a time when people will completely dismiss an artist’s work for their political views.

By the time Space Is Still The Place (Frenchkiss March 2015) came out Bright Light bore little resemblance to the group that made their debut. Where LP1 soundtracked the party Space was phantasmagoric and dense. It’s title references Sun Ra but sounds nothing like it. Songs from Space found their way onto HBO MTV Fox The CW and NBC. The band was picked to compose the theme song for Amazon’s “Sneaky Pete.”

Their new EP Missing Something was released September 28th (Modern Outsider) as a 5 song collection.