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Weakened Friends

The Jinx (Over 21) 127 W Congress St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

Common Blah is the debut full-length by Portland Maine’s Weakened Friends. Founded by songwriter Sonia Sturino bassist Annie Hoffman and drummer Cam Jones in 2015 the trio is a low pressure outlet for emotionally volatile music. Engineered and produced by Hoffman and perfected over the last year the record broadcasts heavy feelings amid screech and feedback with little more than a distortion pedal to clog up the signal chain. For Sturino writing in Weakened Friends is more of a physical process than a mental one. “I have to feel the vibration or sound coming out of my body. I need the physicality to do it to enjoy singing it ” she says. “People probably hear the vocals and think ‘she just puts on that weird voice ’ but it’s really just what comes out. It’s my body making that sound.” Many of the songs reckon with deep mid-20s malaise — with the feeling of being young stuck and settling for less.