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Acid Carousel

Congress St. Social Club

Back in 2016, a couple of young sparks from Dallas, John Kuzmick and Gus Baldwin, realized that they were hearing the same sounds in their heads that no one else was hearing and Acid Carousel came alive. The original band that formed around their songs included Ian Salazar on bass and Fielder Whittington on drums. Over the next few years they freaked out audiences from Manhattan to New Orleans to Austin to Portland. As the sound grew and changed, so did the band. Lucus Magnus Martin joined up on third guitar, Fielder got married and Jacob and Matt Derting took up drums and keyboards. Acid Carousel has become a premiere musical cooperative drawing on the vast pool of talent that calls North Texas home. All the while they have left a trail of recordings that tells the tale.

“Another Everything” is their newest release. It is a two-act Psychedelic Rock Opera. Spoken word, sounds and songs are woven together to tell the story of the strange doings in the house down the street. Act One features John’s songs and Act Two features Gus’. The vinyl release will be a two LP set.