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Daddy's Beemer

Service Brewing Co.

Daddy’s Beemer is an Slack Rock 4 piece from Charleston South Carolina. Daddy’s Beemer was created in October of 2016 when long-time collaborators and roommates Wesley Heaton and Dan Fetterolf joined forces with college radio friends Brady Sklar and Luke Waldrop. The band continued to go into the Brooks Center to record their first self titled EP. The tracks ranged from having '90s alt rock influences to '80s new wave and even psychedelic sounds from earlier on than that. The band continued to write and record a second EP, Pucker. This EP launched several tours across the united states as well as critical acclaim on popular streaming services. A lineup change, a move to Charlotte, NC, and then another move to Charleston, SC later, Brady Sklar, Wesley Heaton, and Dan Fetterolf continue to release new music.