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Honey Cutt

El Rocko Lounge

Boston based trio Honey Cutt is led by Kaley Honeycutt (vocals, guitar) who relocated from her sunny, suburban town in Central Florida to Boston where she sought out new musical friends. Enter Ari Blut (bass) and Chris Chew (drums).

Hooking up with Brooklyn independent label Kanine Records, Honey Cutt is excited to release new single Suburban Dream. Honeycutt says, “Suburban Dream is a tongue in cheek song that I wrote to help process my feelings about all society’s expectations projected onto me growing up in Florida.” The song balances the hopelessness of being stuck in one place all your life with the feeling of sheer determination and desperation to break out. With the promise of this new single and an upcoming full-length album, Honey Cutt is set to do just that.