Savannah Stopover Music Festival Savannah Stopover Music Festival
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The Jinx

"The primal energy found on Mammabear's new album SAY has always been a part of Kyle Gordon's sound, whether lurking in the seams of previous records or sparking an impassioned guitar riff during one of his live shows, but now Gordon's rock and roll sensibilities have been sharpened into a vessel which channels the immediacy of a sold out Saturday night show while retaining the detailed melodies which elevated previous releases." - Russell Rockwell, Immersive Atlanta

"MammaBear comes from Atlanta, Georgia, but their rainbow roots rock sounds like it has arrived from another dimension where 1996 London has been swapped with Athens, GA" - Eric Davidson, CMJ

"They have a relentless, driving sound that will have you rocking throughout the night" ...."Here’s a young band that isn’t just creating music for the sake of blowing people’s minds and igniting mosh pits, but one wanting to communicate to people that anything can be overcome with a little perseverance." -- Benjamen Yung, The Revue