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Reverend Bro Diddley & The Hips

The Jinx

On their eponymous debut album, out now and streaming everywhere, Reverend Bro Diddley and the Hips meld surf, garage, psychedelic and beat-rock into a fresh arrangement of solid all-original rock ’n’ roll tunes. Blend an infectious rock backbeat with a mix of fuzzy guitar energy in the universe of The Kinks and The Clash, and you’ll be circling the Reverend’s sound.  Add in unapologetically gritty vocals in the most sardonic of tones and a strong undercurrent of psychedelia and you’re there. It’s danceable, fun psych-rock to which you can shake your ass AND expand your mind. But don’t paint these troubadours into a musical corner; their rock ’n’ roll ambitions know no boundaries.
Frontman Ty Thompson’s work with The Hypnotics over a number of years in Savannah, Ga. solidified him as one of the premier working musicians in a city chock-full of exceptional performers and songwriters.

In his first project since The Hypnotics took an infinite hiatus in early 2019, Ty has created a full-band project that includes Jhovana Aguilar on guitar and vocals, Kyle Brown on bass guitar, Jesse Centrella on organ and guitar, and Jalen Reyes on drums and vocals.