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The Cowboys

The Jinx

There are some misconceptions about The Cowboys. The fishing pole on their album cover is not actually going up the naked guy's ass and though punk and garage music forms a big part of the Bloomington, Indiana band's sound, they are not technically a punk act. They aren't even cowboys. "We have no allegiance to 'punk' or 'garage rock' or anything like that," explains vocalist Keith Harman. "We're just trying to have fun and write good songs. And good songs come in all shaped and sizes."

There's certainly some good songs on the four-piece's debut LP that mixes classic bar band/70s rock sounds with a punk spirit. There seems to be just as much The Steve Miller Band streaming through the album as there is classic Killed By Death garage sounds. Sometimes even hints of Buddy Holly (by way of Lux Interior) pop float through.

Like Bloomington heroes The Gizmos, (who The Cowboys opened for on their hometown reunion), the band play a unique style that has developed after they started out performing covers. Following a number of self-released cassettes they released their debut self-titled album earlier this year on Lumpy records. The album has just been released in Europe through UK label Drunken Sailor.