Saturday, May 14, 2022

Manage Right Heart Failure-Challenges and Opportunities: Case Based Panel Discussion

Moderators: Jiapeng Huang, MD, PhD FASE and Candice Montzingo, MD, FASE

Clinical Management of Perioperative Right Heart Failure – Case Based
Presenter: Jeff Songster, MD

Right Heart Failure in Patients With COVID-19 for Anesthesiologists – Case Based
Presenter: Brandi Bottiger, MD 

Protecting the Right Ventricle Network (PRORVNet): Time to Defend the "Forgotten Ventricle”?
Presenter: Ken Parhar MD 

Use of Regional Anesthesia in Right Heart Failure-Case Based
Presenter: Jacques Neelankavil, MD  

Sunday, May 15, 2022

QUALITY: It's All In A Plane: The Rapidly Expanding Field of Chest Wall Regional Anesthesia

Moderators: Jennifer Hargrave, DO and Jacques Neelankavil, MD

Straight Down the Middle—Approaching Median Sternotomy Pain with a Pectoral Intercostal Fascial Block vs. Transversus Thoracic Plane Blocks    
Presenter: Michael Grant, MD

Choose Wisely: Appropriate Chest Wall Regional Anesthesia for Different Minimally Invasive Approaches (Anterior vs. Lateral Thoracotomies)
Presenter: Marta Kelava, MD

All for One and One For All: The Erector Spinae Plane Block
Presenter: Jessica Brodt, MD

Careful You Must Be: Do We Have Evidence for Regional Anesthesia in Cardiac Surgery?
Presenter: Tiffany Williams, MD

Change is Hard: Introducing Regional Techniques into Your Division
Presenter: Lavina Kolarczyk, MD, FASE


Monday, May 16, 2022

I Need Cardiac Anesthesia in Labor and Delivery – Stat

Moderator: Jacques Neelankavil, MD

Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy - Case Based Presentation
Presenter: Kelly Ural, MD

Health Care Disparities and Cardiac Disease in Parturients
Presenter: Marie Louise Meng, MD

POCUS for Labor and Delivery
Presenter: Tara Brakke, MD, FASE

Mechanical Circulatory Support for Parturients
Presenter: Marisa Hernandez Morgan, MA, MD

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Fellow and Resident TEE Session

Moderators: Tara Brakke, MD, FASE and Jacques Neelankavil, MD

Presenter: Ravi Joshi, MD

Presenter: Rebecca Aron, MD

Presenter: Tiffany Williams, MD

Presenter: Megan Kostibas, MD
Prosthetic Valves
Presenter: Adam Dalia, MD, MBA