Sunday, May 15, 2022

POCUS Potpourri: Nuts and Bolts of POCUS

POCUS Potpourri: Nuts and Bolts of POCUS
Moderator: Kelly Ural, MD

POCUS Controversies – Certification, Credentialing, Billing – Who’s Doing It vs. Who Should Be Doing It?
Presenter: Nick Markin, MD, FASE

POCUS for Trainees – What’s Required by ABA and ACGME
Presenter: Brandon Smoller, MD

Gastric and Lung U/S - AKA, the Other Parts of POCUS
Presenter: Benjamin Tuck, MD

The FOCUS of POCUS – What Should You Include in a Limited TTE Exam for Max Benefit  
Presenter: McKenzie Hollon, MD

Training the Trainers – Teach One… Then See One, Do One??
Presenter: Feroze Mahmood, MD, FASE

Monday, May 16, 2022

I Need Cardiac Anesthesia in Labor and Delivery – Stat

Moderator: Jacques Neelankavil, MD

Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy - Case Based Presentation
Presenter: Kelly Ural, MD

Health Care Disparities and Cardiac Disease in Parturients
Presenter: Marie Louise Meng, MD

POCUS for Labor and Delivery
Presenter: Tara Brakke, MD, FASE

Mechanical Circulatory Support for Parturients
Presenter: Marisa Hernandez Morgan, MA, MD

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Cardiac Anesthesiologists Outside the Cardiac Ors

Moderator: Kelly Ural, MD

Sleep Apnea and Pulmonary Hypertension in Bariatric Surgery - How Much is too Much?
Presenter: Logan Kosarek, MD

Intra-Operative Cardiac Arrest and Rescue TEE
Presenter: Adam Dalia, MD, MBA

MCS Patients Presenting for Non-Cardiac Surgery (IABP, ECMO, VAD, etc..) to NORA
Presenter: Emily Methangkool

Anesthesia in the Cathlab and EP Lab – Lead Extractions, SubQ ICD, Leadless Speakers
Presenter: Matthew Vanneman, MD