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Friday, October 29, 2021

Relational Databases: Don't call it a comeback!
Rob Hedgpeth
Rob Hedgpeth
MariaDB, Director, Developer Relations

The data revolution is upon us, and, well, has been for several years. It comes as no surprise that as application technology has evolved to keep up with the ever increasing expectations of users, the data platforms and solutions have had to as well. A decade or so ago we thought all our problems had been solved with a new player in the game, NoSQL. But, spoiler alert, they weren't.

In this session we're going to dive into a brief history of data. We'll examine its humble beginnings, where we stand today, and what the landscape will look like in the future. Throughout the journey you'll gain an understanding of how SQL and relational databases have adapted to pave the road for a truly bright, scalable, and performant future!