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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Workshop: Exposing an HTTP API using Scala3 (Trainer: Adam Warski)

Trainer: Adam Warski

It's about time to leverage the new features available in Scala3! A number of libraries have been updated, making it possible to write fully-functional applications using the latest Scala version.

We'll create a basic application from scratch, exposing an HTTP API, using the following Scala3 features:
* enums to define data structures
* opaque types for even more type-safety
* typeclass derivation using the `derives` keyword
* extension methods
* new braceless syntax

The following Scala libraries will be involved:
* tapir for describing web endpoints
* http4s as the HTTP server implementation
* cats-effect to control effects and for asynchronous programming

If you've been using Scala 2 before, or if you are completely new to Scala - come and see how functional programmings works our in practice! No prior Scala experience is required.

*A starting repository and setup instructions will be provided for the attendees before the workshop.*