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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Solving the Rubik's Cube with Group Theory
Stewart Stewart
Stewart Stewart
Mission Lane, Principal Engineer

We've heard all about Monoids, but have you thought about Groups? Group theory has numerous applications in diverse fields, yet the group typeclass usually receives only a passing mention in connection with monoids. As it turns out, groups can be a powerful tool for reasoning about transformations of state.

In this talk, we'll approach group theory from an intuitive angle. We'll learn about the `Group` typeclass and permutations, then see see how theory and functional programming combine to inform the development of a DSL for solving the Rubik's Cube. The presentation will feature live coding and conclude with a demonstration of such a solution using a bluetooth enabled Rubik's Cube. It is my hope that you'll leave with an increased appreciation for the symbiosis between math and FP when it comes to problem-solving, and be able to spot use cases for groups in future problems.