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Distributed Systems with Swift


Konrad Malawski
Apple, Senior Engineer

Konrad is part of the Swift team at Apple, where he focuses on foundational server-side Swift libraries, as well as concurrency features in the language runtime. He worked, among other things, on the structured concurrency and actor runtimes, as well as server-side observability libraries such as swift-log, swift-metrics, and swift-distributed-tracing. Previously, he worked on Akka toolkit at Lightbend/Typesafe with a special focus on Akka Streams, HTTP, and Persistence. He also made significant contributions to the reactive-streams specification and TCK.

Swift is a fast, safe and expressive modern general purpose programming language. One of Swift’s primary goals is to make code simpler to read, write and maintain. As more developers face the need to develop highly distributed, concurrent applications, our goal is to scale the language and library ecosystem to meet those needs.

With its rich language features, such as built-in extensible serialization mechanisms, as well as structured and actor-based concurrency, Swift is a perfect match for modern distributed systems development. In this talk we’ll explore some of the specific approaches and techniques we can make use of to build awesome, and reusable, distributed systems in Swift.