Scale By the Bay Scale By the Bay

Prepare Your System To Scale (OR Why Auto-Scaling Is Not Enough)


Eynav Mass
Oribi, VP R&D

Eynav Mass is a fan of the combination of technology and people - bringing technical visions into implementation. For the past 2 years, she is leading the R&D group at Oribi, a big-data-based product, where they handle billions of events a day, while highly scaling both the system and the engineering group. Her main focus is to create processes that support high scale & high standards; striving to maintain scalable R&D groups and infrastructure environments while investing in personal growth and deployment quality.

Scale. We tend to dismiss it as just a buzzword, until we reach the point when it has taken over our engineering team’s nights, weekends and thoughts. Scaling is usually the negative effect of positive business growth. The question is, how does one best prepare for scale? How can we proactively prepare our systems to handle a wishful, yet expected, future load? In this session, I will share some considerations that are not often discussed, yet are not trivial when you begin to think about preparing for scaling.