Scale By the Bay Scale By the Bay

The intersection of Quantum Computing and Distributed Systems: Observations and lessons learned.


Karl Wehden
IBM, Program Director for the Quantum Cloud

Karl Wehden is a Program Director for the Quantum Cloud at IBM has been combining novel science and technology to deliver transformational products for 20 years. An avid supporter or product led delivery of user and developer focused technologies, Karl has worked to further distributed systems, data management, and scientific applications of novel computational approaches and cloud technologies for IBM, Oracle, and several startups over the years. Currently working at IBM, he's working to deliver on the promise of quantum computing. 

The dawn of quantum computing is upon us, and we are marching inexorably towards a new mode of computing altogether. 

Or are we?  

What tells us that the integration of quantum and distributed (classical) computing needs to follow a curve that has just been pasted forward from the 1940s to the 2020s? Nothing.  Let's look at what is similar, what is different, and some of the unexpected surprises we have encountered in our journey to quantum advantage from a software perspective