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What I Learned about FP when Writing a Book About It


Sergei Winitzki
Workday, Senior Software Engineer

Sergei Winitzki received a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. He had a career in academic research and published papers and books on physics and mathematics. He currently works as a Senior Software Engineer and has a keen interest in declarative programming and the theory of programming languages.

Why did I decide to write another book on functional programming, given that there are already many books on that topic? I will describe the motivations and the approach I chose. Working on this book has been a journey of discovery as I embarked on deriving everything in functional programming from scratch - no stones left unturned and no claims taken on faith. The final arbiter is practical working code, not appeals to mathematical mystique or academic authority. I encountered a number of surprises and found a new perspective on the scope of a theory that is necessary for practical functional programming.