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 Geo-Political & Poli-Cyber™  Risk Exposure. “what is Your Geo-Poli-Cyber™ Risk Exposure Threat Level? & How Critical is This To Your Survivability?”

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Dr. Imad Hoballah
Chairman and CEO ICTTT & Chairman MLiSS Advisory Board, Former Chairman and CEO, TRA, Lebanon

Chairman and CEO, ICTTT.Chairman MLiSS Advisory Board Former Chairman and CEO, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), Lebanon.

Dr Moctar Yedaly
African Union Commission, Head of Information Society

African Union Commission, Head of Information Society, Department

Malcolm Warr, OBE
SKEO Associates, Chairman

Malcolm has over 40 years’ experience in the security sector; and in all parts of business including Government, corporate management, directorship of small to medium sized enterprises and as sector lead for a major Consultancy; from commercial management to operations and from strategy to general management and C Board membership. Malcolm is Chair of SKEO Associates based in Scotland which provides advice at senior level to Governments and small and large businesses globally on Cyber issues He is also a member of the UK Federation of Small Business Home Affairs committee which is responsible for FSB policy development in the UK Security including Maritime security sector. In his pare time, he also mentors a number of small businesses in Uk and AbroadMalcolm is a well known international Conference chair; universally praised for his ability to draw out discussion amongst the delegates and foster lively debate. His portfolio covers a wide range of topics from Defence Contracting and Blue Eyes thinking through Oil and Gas support to Security.Latterly, he has written about the challenges faced by the maritime community in building robust Maritime Infrastructures and related Cyber security issues especially relating to Supply Chains and ‘Individual versus Technology’. He has a passion about improving the Reslience of individuals when faced with terrorist attack, serious fires and simliar time dependent crises.Malcolm speaks Russian and Arabic as well as his native English. He travels extensively, believing that you are never too old to learn but a lot can be learned from face to face contact and listening.He has a probing interest in people and brings level headedness, energy, dynamism, commitment, and openness to all activities.

Steve Durbin
ISF, Information Securty Forum, Managing Director

Kim Sengupta
The Independent, Defence and Diplomatic Editor

Kim Sengupta is Defence and Diplomatic Editor of The Independent. He was also named Journalist of the Year 2016 at the Asian Media Awards.The AMA’s recognise excellence in the media with categories in journalism, online, radio, television and marketing.

Frank Scalzo
Verisign, Security Strategy Director