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Part I- Keynotes - Why Are Traditional Cyber Security Strategies failing? IoT and the Weakest Link; Are AI, Quantum Computing, and Machine Learning a threat? DNS Security: Critical to Survivability

Main Hall

Sam Stepanyan
OWASP UK, Chairman
Sanjeev Gupta
Strategic Discourse, CEO
Armando Vieira
Data Scientist, Entrepreneur and Speaker

Armando Vieira is a Physicist turned into a data scientist. He started working on machine learning since almost 20 years.From the beginning he was an aficionado of Artificial Neural Networks, having played with them over several academic and industry problems.Recently he is focused on Deep Neural Networks, especially for unsupervised and semi-supervised learning, mainly applied to Natural Language Processing. He worked as a consultant on several companies and startups and now is a data scientist at Contextvision AB and Redoctopus Innovation.

Frank Scalzo
Verisign, Security Strategy Director
Paul Fennell
MLi Group, Cyber Investigator & Certified Digital Forensic Examiner

Holding an MSc in Cybercrime forensics, Paul works in the field as a Cyber investigator and Certified digital forensic examiner, with notable success in conducting and directing a broad range of criminal and civil investigations. With over 7 years experience in multi platform digital forensics in serious and complex multi region cyber crime cases on behalf of the MPCCU (Metropolitan Police Cybercrime Unit) holding the rank of Detective Constable and later in the private sector at K2 Intelligence in digital forensics and Incident response (EMEA).

Question: Why are Traditional Cyber Strategies Failing daily?
Answer   : Critically Flawed inhouse & 3rd party Cyber Security Assessements & Audits.
Question: What critical parts are they missing?

Critically Flawed inhouse & 3rd party Cyber security strategies & assessments - What are they missing? Presentations MLi & experts Partners to learn what you are missing and why

1- Why are Traditional Cyber Strategies Failing daily?
2- IoT - you are as strong as your weakest link
3-  Is Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Computing Today - A Empowering Tool or Threat to securing Survivability?
4- Why is DNS Security critical your survivability?