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Securing your survivability in a world threatened by destruction motivated cyber terrorists - Topics: Branding, AI, Quantum Computing, Internet of Things, DNS Security & Incident Response, & GDPR Compliance.

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Nicola Whiting
Titania, COO

Nicola is COO of Titania Group, a multi-award winning, industry leading, UK technology SME. She joined in 2011 and has helped drive Titania from a three person start-up to a multi-million fast growth business. Titania’s Pro configuration auditing software serves a wide range of industries in over 70 countries, defending both the UK, and western allies, cyber borders. (In her downtime she loves Kayaking).”

Sam Stepanyan
OWASP UK, Chairman
Simon Barton
MLi Group, Cyber Security Specialist

Simon is one of MLi Group’s Cyber Security experts with over twenty years of experience with the Metropolitan Police Service, including the implementation of the life critical communications systems, the design and roll-out of a single converged secure voice and data network, heading Technology Strategy, developing the national cyber-infrastructure training for Police VIP Security Co-ordinators. Silver Cyber-Commander for the US State Visit in 2012 for the first deployment of the USSS Critical Infrastructure team outside of the US. Represented the UK Criminal Justice Community to the Cabinet Office for the National Public Services Network Programme, Senior Client for the Home Office Secure policing networks, and CJ Advisor on GCHQ's IP Crypto working groups developing the next generation on network encryption services.A Member of the Strategic Board for the Communications Managers Association and advisor to the National Cyber-Security Practitioners event.Now working as a Senior Consultant and ISO27001 Lead Auditor advising on security issues around a range of systems within UK and International Businesses

Omer Sengular
Global Magic Brands, CEO
Armando Vieira
Data Scientist, Entrepreneur and Speaker

Armando Vieira is a Physicist turned into a data scientist. He started working on machine learning since almost 20 years.From the beginning he was an aficionado of Artificial Neural Networks, having played with them over several academic and industry problems.Recently he is focused on Deep Neural Networks, especially for unsupervised and semi-supervised learning, mainly applied to Natural Language Processing. He worked as a consultant on several companies and startups and now is a data scientist at Contextvision AB and Redoctopus Innovation.

Frank Scalzo
Verisign, Security Strategy Director

Tools of Demise & to Securing your survivability in a Destruction Motivated Cyber Threatened World -

Topics for discussions:
AI, Quantum Computing,
Internet of Things,
DNS Security.
Incident Response.
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