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Gabby Bianco knows the transformative power of art. After embracing indie rock and pop as a young person, the multi-instrumentalist dove headlong into electronics after attending a retreat in the middle of Joshua Tree for femme producers. After that life-shifting experience in 2018, Bianco began working on the music that comprises their new mixtape as BIIANCO. Over the course of 18 tracks, Mixtape #2 (due October 28th) shares the story of their latest transformation--from love to loss, denial to rebirth, all told through expansive rhythms and compelling poetry. Extolling a devotional fluidity that utilizes reflection as an agent of spiritual growth, Bianco not only discovers their strength in the face of tragic heartbreak, but also discovers their non-binary gender identity. “When it all comes together, I’m either dancing like a maniac or crying--sometimes both,” they say.

Singer, Songwriter, Sound designer, Artist

Hien is a Brooklyn based artist. Ethereal vocals meshing with lush textures and minimal beats - her eclectic sonic identity has been influenced by a wide variation of sounds, from electronica to soul and traditional Eastern styles. 

The Vietnamese-Hungarian artist started her singer career at the age of 15. She has released two pop albums, played the leading role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon and has performed in various cities across Europe, Asia and the United States. Hien’s career has included accolades such as Glamour’s "Woman of the Year” and the Viva Comet award. She graduated from Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Production and Design, where she developed her music production and electronic performance skills. 

Elektronica is an electro concert by female-identifying individuals who make innovative use of technology in their artistry and performance techniques.