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Get That Lo-Fi Vibe

Little Monarch (Casey Kalmenson)
Artist, writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist & educator

Casey Kalmenson aka Little Monarch is an artist, writer, producer, instrumentalist and educator from LA. 

She has been making music for her own project as well as writing, producing, and touring with other artists for almost a decade.  With a sound that is sun soaked and eclectic and a love for vintage synths and analog gear,  her sound is ever evolving.  From upbeat indie pop to lofi beats to lush and textured heartfelt songs.  She is not afraid to dip in and out of many genres and sounds. Her music has been widely used for tv/film on CBS, VH1, ESPN, E! Network, MTV, A&E and in the remake of The Addams Family Movie.  She has had the joy of performing for audiences around the world with her best friends and touring with some of your favorite artists. Beyond her own creative endeavors she has been teaching and mentoring young producers, songwriters, and players for years and establishing herself as a fixture within the women in audio and tech communities. Now she runs a small studio and record label in Venice Beach called Super Bloom Records.  

While the LoFi vibe sounds easy and accessible to listeners, recreating it is a whole different story. Between nailing the cross-genre referencing to tastefully curating a nostalgic feeling, capturing that low-fidelity production is a uniquely creative process.

In this session, Little Monarch will show you her tips and tricks on how to nail that  dusty vinyl vibe from both a songwriting and production perspective.