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Dresage (Keeley Bumford)
Artist, Producer, Composer

Dresage is the brainchild of Keeley Bumford. In her world of creativity with Dresage as the vehicle, she creates lush synth and orchestral musings, allowing herself the freedom to inhabit many genres, from dreamy synthwave to indie art pop. Clash Magazine calls her “pop from an alternate universe driven by a commitment to personal communication…honest, creative and forever outside the box.”

In 2021 came Terror Nights / Terror Days - Dresage’s entirely self produced sophomore EP. It serves as a personal journey of self belief and evolution. With lush arrangements of synths, strings, harp, drums and Bumford’s signature vocal production, Terror Nights / Terror Days is truly future forward pop. Leaning left, inventive and still catchy enough to leave melodies on repeat in your head. Not one to hold back the honest details of her thoughts, Dresage meditates on what it means to be a human and artist in our current society, always eager to excavate the meaning of it all.

Among her collaborations, most notable is her feature with Jai Wolf on “Better Apart,” which just passed 9 million streams on Spotify. She has performed it live alongside him at Austin City Limits Festival 2019, a sold out Emo’s Austin during ACL, as well as 2 sold out nights at the Shrine Auditorium in LA. Her cover of Bob Marley's Three Little Birds with sync powerhouse & collaborator, AG was recently placed in season 3 of Virgin River on Netflix. The placement resulted in over 120k Shazams, the #3 position on the Shazam viral chart, 724k Spotify streams and also the #8 spot on the top 10 songs in television Billboard chart for July 2021.

She has credits as a producer & composer having recently written/produced & performed five original songs as well as co-scoring the original Hulu/Blumhouse film, My Valentine, from the “Into The Dark” anthology series. She was in the beloved YouTube series “4 Producers 1 Sample” with Andrew Huang, and actively works within the film/tv sync world with recent placements from Apple, Netflix, UNIQLO, Nintendo, Disney and more.

While sculpting songs that ponder feminism & mental health, Bumford is also passionate about spreading the autonomy of self-recording and production to women, and folks along the gender and socio-economic spectrums who have been historically kept out of such spaces. She regularly collaborates with femme-driven initiatives to bring more equity & training to upcoming producers. Dresage is currently working on her debut album coming in 2022.

Notable Placements: The Crown Season 4 Trailer, Virgin River Season 3 (Netflix), My Valentine (Blumhouse/Hulu), Apple iPad air keynote event, Apple iPhone 12 purple announce, Apple Watch Series 7 ad, Samsung Freestyle Projector, A Million Little Things (ABC), Bayonetta Soundtrack (Nintendo) & A Wrinkle in Time Trailer (Disney).

So, your song is all baked and almost release ready but it’s missing a little something…

Like sprinkles on ice cream, ear candy elevates a track by creating unexpected yet exciting moments that give depth to the production and arrangement. In this session, Dresage will show you the different ways she uses to create a dynamic track through automation, creative sample processing and effective ear candy sprinkling. Get your production sweet tooth on!