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Show Me Your Deck

Producer, Sound Designer, Artist, DJ, Educator

Canadian producer, artist and DJ ill-esha has crafted a long-standing soundscape of bass music throughout her career,continuously evolving her musical stylings and bridging gapsbetween electronic, hip hop and soul.Recognized as an extremelyrare and diverse artist in the EDM scene, ill-esha is constantlypushing the boundaries of live sets with everything from looppedals to keytars.Constantly evolving her dynamic and versatilemusical taste, she is a perfect example of electronic music’stransition towards live instrumentation and indie pop sensibility.She currently splits her time between Colorado and Spain.

Space Sluts
Producer, Live Performer, Artist

Space Sluts is the solo alt synth pop project of Brooklyn based artist Madi Cox.

After studying opera performance and composition for her Undergraduate degree, Madi moved to New York, where she rebelled against her classical background by playing punk rock music throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. It was at this time that her day job brought her into the world of software and she sought to find a way to connect her passion and her newfound love of technology. Out of this, she formed her solo project, Space Sluts. It combines her love of space, music, and technology, with the music being built around using voice as a multi instrumental element, designing vocal loops to create fully formed pieces of music derived from life experiences. Recently, Madi has received her Master’s in Contemporary Performance/Production from Berklee Valencia, with a focus in punk rock and electronic music.

It’s true! It’s not about the size, it’s how you use it. But aren’t we all curious about what the pros are using to elevate their production/ performance/ creative flow? In this session, we will look at our presenters’ set ups, and how you can reference their decks to optimize your own!