Dropping the Bladder and Entering the Retropubic Space


Faculty: Vipul Patel, MD (Global Robotics Institute, USA)
Moderator: Seetharam Bhat, MD (Global Robotics Institute, USA)

11:40 AM – 11:43 AM
Panel Introduction

11:44 AM – 11:52 AM
Expert Optimal Approach
Presenter: Seetharam Bhat, MD

11:53 AM – 12:01 PM
Most Common Mistakes
Presenter: Seetharam Bhat, MD, Vasanthraja Ramasamy

12:02 PM – 12:10 PM
Fellow’s Experience
Presenter: Veeru Kasivishvanathan

12:11 PM – 12:21 PM    
Panel Discussants: Seetharam Bhat, MD (Global Robotics Institute, USA), Vasantharaja Ramasamy, MCh (Chennai Urology & Robotics Institute, India), Arthur del papa, MD (Faculdade de Medicina do ABC), Veeru Kasivisvanathan, MRCS (UCLH, UK), Jonathan Noël, FRCS (Global Robotics Institute, USA), Marcio Moschovas, MD (GRI), Sunil Reddy, MD (GRI), Travis Rogers, MD (GRI)