Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Startup Acquisitions: What to expect | Jan 19, 2022
Nimrod Priell
Nimrod Priell
Cord, CEO

What if a company inquires about acquiring your startup? Our guest Nimrod Priell will share his experience and expertise after his startup was acquired by Facebook. 

The first half of the startup journey—company building, first investment and the search for Product Market Fit has a ton of guides, blogs, podcasts and advice available online. Much rarer is discussion about the final step of the journey—the acquisition. Our guest, Nimrod, experienced this first hand when the company he worked for was acquired by Facebook. He's also experienced acquisitions as an investor and has many friends who IPO'd or exited in various circumstances. 

Intro: 2min
Talk: 20-30min
Q&A: 30min