Startup Week CHA 2021 Startup Week CHA 2021

Monday, October 18, 2021

The Donna Show - Get Reignited Chattanooga with The Queen Connector!
Donna Christian - Lowe
Donna Christian - Lowe
The Donna Show LIVE “Chattanooga’s Queen Connector” (Radio. TV. Social. Professional /On Air @WPTP 100.1 FM, Executive Producer & Radio Host

Chattanooga's Queen Connector is one of Chattanooga Community Champions for Startup Week CHA! 

A female-owned media company will cover this year's Startup Week events up close and personal. Donna will connect with speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners, organizers, and attendees of Startup Week CHA 2021. Get reignited Chattanooga and win Startup Week Swag and MORE!!!!